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Pegged While I Fuck My Ex
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My best friend Ashleigh has always despised you. I don't know what it was that made her hate you so much - maybe the fact that she could see how far out of your league I was - that I could do so much better than you. Maybe she just sensed a pathetic submissiveness about you that made he want to hurt you so much. Whatever it was she's always wanted me to break up with you and hasn't stopped finding new ways of making me see what an inferior loser you are. The thing is - I know EXACTLY what a beta wimp you are! I know you'll take whatever abuse I give you no matter how humiliating which is why I agreed to let her hook me up with my ex tonight. You remember - the big gym-giant I used to date before you? Yeah well, he's coming over tonight to fuck me on our bed. He was the best fuck I've ever had, he REALLY knows how a girl likes to be treated. I'm going to give him the best fuck of his life tonight cucky while you watch from the end of the bed like the well-mannered cuckold coward you are. Are you ready for the best part cucky? While I'm wriggling my perfect body on top of his huge alpha cock, my best friend Ashleigh is going to be fucking your faggot ass with her strap-on. You'll be made to watch every excruciating second of your cuckoldrix girlfriend fucking her ex right in front of you while my mean best friend pounds your ass and laughs at your humiliation. There's going to be no escaping the shame cuckold - your girlfriend, her ex-boyfriend and my mean best friend all get to witness your total emasculation tonight!
Miss Maisie
26/11/2017 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Pegged While I Fuck My Ex - #pegging