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Penetrated By Hormone Enema
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There's no need to struggle - this will all be over in no time at all. This special liquid has a highly concentrated dosage of your feminization hormones which needs to be administered anally. I'm going to push the nozzle into your helpless little ass and fill you up with your sissy-hormone enema. You're going to feel every drop of this thick slimy liquid squirt inside you until you think you can't take any more - and then I'll give you another dose. Once you've been injected full of this sissy-juice I'm going to plug your bursting ass with this nice big plug and leave you there for a few hours to allow the hormone treatment to work its way into your system. With every painful cramp you'll know you're being forced to turn into a girl. After only a few weeks of this intense feminization enema treatment you'll start to notice physical changes. You'll start to grow little breasts; your hair will become softer and body hair will grow thinner. Your voice will soften, and you'll start to behave more feminine. Before you know it, your cock will have shrunk and you'll look like a girl. You'll stop desiring girls and begin to crave cock - you won't even understand why. Your mannerisms will change, you'll be flirty and girly around boys. You'll take more interest in makeup products, fashion and pretty things. Before long you'll be such a girl. Unfortunately, before then I'm going to be filling you up with this sissy-soup on a daily basis.
Daisy Dillon
25/12/2017 - 12 minutes
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