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Pimping Out You And Your Girl
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Beta couples like you don't deserve to get married and live happily ever after. Somehow you managed to find a girl who is just as much of a loser as you but if you think you're gonna settle down together and make each other happy you can forget it. You're both destined for a life of humiliation and degradation - pimped out to earn your superior Alpha goddess so money! Your girl will be stripped of her drab, boring clothes and forced into a tiny PVC skirt, fishnets, a tiny boob-tube and pleaser heels. We'll smother her plain face with bright makeup and give her lips cock-sucking red gloss to match her nails. You, loser, will be dressed EXACTLY the same. You'll be shaved completely smooth and put into an identical miniskirt and dressed to look as much of a whore as your beta-bitch. You're going to look like 2 whore twin sisters! I'm going to put you both to work on the street and make you suck cock for cash. MY CASH! How is it going to feel watching your girl strut up and down the curb, leaning through a car window to offer herself to a total stranger? Humiliating? She's going to be watching you do exactly the same - both of you are my street-walking hookers. You'll both work through the night, sucking cock and getting fucked in the back of cars and alleyways and then you'll bring all your cash back to me. You and your poor beta-girl will be cum-soaked and humiliated every night. Your makeup will be ruined and your cheap whore clothes torn and stained. That is the life a beta couple like you two deserves!
Becky Dee
15/09/2017 - 14 minutes
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