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You have no idea of the chain of events that are about to ruin your life now that I have you all locked up in chastity. With your cock in that device you are going to agree to everything I tell you to do - no matter how much you don't want to do it - and believe me when I tell you - you REALLY won't want to do it. If you do as you are told, your cock will be unlocked, and your wife or girlfriend will never find out about how you were tricked into putting it on by the hot girl you met in the bar. If you fail to do as your told - good luck explaining the heavy steel chastity device to little miss ordinary. All I need from you are the contact details for everyone that means anything to you. We'll start with little miss ordinary's telephone numbers and email addresses - these will be checked before you even think about giving me false details. After that I'm going to need everyone else's, your boss, your family, your friends - I want to be able to contact everyone in your life. I guess you're worried I'm going to send everyone pictures of you in your unfortunate predicament? No - what awaits you is much, much worse but you'll have no choice but to do it. You, chastity victim, are going to suck cock for me. I know how much this terrifies you. I know you're straight. I know you how desperately you'll not want to do it - but you really will do it. You're going to suck cock because if you don't your life really will be ruined. I'll share the images I've taken of you locked in chastity and I'll send you home with that cage on your cock. All you have to do is swallow your pride and then HIS cum of course.

Added: 01 Mar 2019
Clip Length: 11m 31s