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Ruin Your Ass And Ruin Your Orgasm
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You know the rules sissy, beta pussies like you don't get to jerk off like a normal guy - you're only allowed to cum from being penetrated in your boy-pussy. No touching for you sissy - no way! Not that you should even be able to touch your fairy-stick anyway - it should be safely caged away with the key dangling between my perfect cleavage. If you want to cum you're going to fuck your beta-load out by pounding your own ass with a HUGE dildo. You're going to ruin your girly little ass just like one of my Alpha studs would if I ever let one of them get their hands on you! Pick your biggest, thickest dildo - the one you just can't quite take. This is the cock we're going to use to stretch you out and ruin you with. Get yourself in the humiliating legs-over-your-head position so your cock is aiming right at your faggot face and then start pumping your ass full of monster-cock! Moan like a girl if you're struggling with the pain, whimper and bite your lip - whatever you need to do to get through your emasculating ass-fucking - just DO NOT stop! My real men wouldn't stop - in fact if they noticed how much it was hurting you and how ashamed of yourself you were - they'd fuck you even harder! Ruin your ass sissy - fuck yourself so hard and so deep your poor boy-pussy will never be the same. Keep going until you're ready to blow your load then BEG me to allow you a ruined orgasm. As you're pounding yourself full of cock say, in your girliest voice 'Please Miss Jyssica - may I have a ruined orgasm all over my sissy face?' and maybe I'll allow you to cum like a girl for me.
Miss Jyssica
13/07/2018 - 15 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Ruin Your Ass And Ruin Your Orgasm - #ruinedorgasm