Scarlett Louise

I'm like Kryptonite to humili-porn addicts like you. I use my genetically perfect looks make wimps like you do whatever I want. Maybe it'll surprise you what a sassy flick of my hair and a cute giggle will make you do for me. It'll make you hand over your credit card and PIN number. It'll make you stand by as I snap you into a chastity device. It'll make you beg me to cheat on you. It'll make you suffer the humiliation of wearing my pretty, feminine panties. It will even make you suck a cock. I was dealt the perfect hand of superior DNA and you, loser were dealt the leftovers. I know exactly how to treat betaa like you so don't even think about telling me 'No'. I will always get what I want - I'm just far too pretty to accept anything less - don't you agree loser?

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