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I love turning so-called straights like you into cock-sucking faggots. You're so convinced you're not gay - you'd never do anything gay - you're the straightest guy you know... We'll see about that! You'll suck cock for me - you'll take real-man cum, you'll submit to a whole line of cocks and then... I'll see you at pride, faggot! I'm gonna put an end to you drooling over girls forever - I'm gonna turn you SO gay! I'm going to have you sucking stud-cock and getting fucked by GAY men - not girls like a straight guy. By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be on your knees looking up at a hung cock, begging it's real man owner to put it inside you. And I'll be right there to witness that exact moment! I'll be there to tell that stud that you thought you were straight - I'll be there to humiliate you as he makes you suck his huge gay cock - just for me!

You're not going to be straight anymore faggot. You're going to be gay and every cock I decide to make you suck will take you another step further away from being straight. Every cock you crawl to, every cock I make you beg for, every cock that covers you face, fills your ass or dumps it's cum down your throat will make you forget about pussy for good. It's gonna be so easy too faggot. You'll do everything I say - I'll MAKE you! Whatever it takes to make you suck that first cock, locking you in chastity until you suck for me, blackmailing you until you suck for me, bullying you into sucking cock for me, coercion, manipulation - I'll do whatever I need to in order to make you suck that first cock - and then you're owned! Once that first cock pushes through your lips - I'll have all the collateral I need to make you suck another and another and another - more and more cock until you're gay forever!

And it won't be long before you're going to start enjoying your new gay life, faggot! You'll start to accept your new gay status and your straight life will be a distant memory. You'll be a submissive toy to multiple gay men - for my amusement. Men who will use you and bully you and humiliate you and fuck you just to entertain me. Eventually - I'll let one of them take you to gay pride on a collar and leash. You'll mince behind a dominant gay master in public - dressed in pink hotpants and glitter bunny ears - flaunting the new status forced upon you. I'll make sure everyone is there to see it too faggot. I'll invite my bitchy girlfriends, the girls you wanted to date, ex-girlfriends, the girls you work with, the girls who sneer and make fun of you - all of them will get to see you being super-gay on the end of your master's leash! Totally humiliating, right Mr Straight?

Added: 30 Apr 2021
Clip Length: 13m 26s