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You have about 15 minutes before you completely pass-out baby, so I'd better explain what's happening to you quickly. You're about to be taken away to a private, underground clinic that specialises in complete feminization surgeries. Don't worry - whilst the surgeon really is quite evil, she is extremely well qualified and highly experienced. When you next look in the mirror you will be totally unrecognisable. I've seen what this girl can do with sissies like you and it's truly amazing! Your face will be sculped into the most feminine, shape and give such pretty features. Big eyes, a button nose and a soft girly jawline. Permanent make-up will be tattooed onto your face, your brows and fillered lips permanently painted. Your Adams-apple will be shaved, and your vocal cords shortened to give you a more feminine voice. You're getting big breast implants sissy. I chose the biggest the surgeon could squeeze into your chest. They're going to look so huge, bimbo and obviously fake. Your waist is being reduced into an extreme hourglass shape and you bottom will have the latest implants to make every girl jealous. There are many more procedures too - I wanted them to send you back to me looking like an extreme bimbo. You're going to come back looking more girly than anyone would believe - you're gonna look like an ultra-sissy barbie doll! I'm going to rename you with a pretty girl's name and dress you up in the daintiest little girls' uniforms. You'll have no choice sissy - you won't look anything like a boy when they send you back - you'll have no choice but to be a girl forever!

Added: 22 Feb 2019
Clip Length: 13m 22s