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She'll Fuck Who We Tell Her To Fuck
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Just to let you know we have your girlfriend now loser. We've taken her away from you and now she's our whore. She's going to be eating, sleeping and working in a tiny room with a dirty mattress and no fucking hope of ever escaping. She's no longer your little princess any more - she's our cash making little slut. It broke her heart to find out we've done this to her because of you. She sobbed as we explained she was being turned into a cheap prostitute because her loser boyfriend couldn't resist humiliation porn. All because you jerk off to dominant girls and couldn't afford to pay us not to tell everyone your secret - we've taken your poor girlfriend as payment instead. She's going to fuck whoever we tell her to. I'm making your girlfriend fuck fat, old and ugly men. She's being whored out to the worst perverts we get through the brothel doors. Every day your slut is going to be made to kneel in front of an endless line of dirty old men and make them cum over and over. How does it feel knowing you did that to her loser? I'm going to video her getting fucked by disgusting old men and send you the footage, so you can see what a degraded fuck-toy we've turned your girl into. My hot girlfriends, all the bratty princesses you used to jerk off to, have helped me do this to her. We enjoy watching her, making fun of her and reminding her that she's nothing but a filthy whore and that she belongs to us. By the time your debt has been paid she'll be totally ruined!
Lucie Jones
06/08/2018 - 10 minutes
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