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Sissy Bimbo Bride
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You're going to make the perfect bride, sissy. In fact I'm going to turn you into the perfect BIMBO bride for him. I haven't sold you to a guy who's looking for a wholesome, cookie-baking type of wife - he wants a slut wife. He wants a submissive bedroom-bitch to suck his cock on demand, to bend over and fuck and to share with his friends - and you're gonna look as pretty as can be for your new role. Of course you're going to be wearing the most beautiful bridal lingerie, a pretty wedding dress and heels when you wiggle down the aisle but I have much more than that planned for you sissy. You're going to be cosmetically enhanced for your new life - surgically transformed into the bimbo bride of every man's dreams. From the huge plastic tits, the tiny cartoon waist and the bimbo lip-fillers to your long blonde hair extensions and permanent makeup - you're going to look every inch a porno-barbie bride. You're going to endure months of laser hair removal to make sure your skin is like silk. You're going to be squeezed breathlessly light into a figure, shaping corset 24/7. You're going to be pumped full of hormones and silicone and ditzy-pills to make you look and think just like a bimbo airhead. Your little girl-cock will be locked away forever in it's chastity device so that you can only focus on the sexual pleasure of your new owner - never ever you own. You'll be his submissive bimbo bride to be dressed and used as he desires for as long as he desires.
Queen Kitty
26/07/2019 - 15 minutes
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