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Sissy Exposed In The Office
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Please take a seat. There's been a complaint from one of our interns about you. She said that she noticed you were wearing what she believes to be bright pink girl's panties under your work clothes. She alleged that you bent down to pick something up and she saw your obviously ultra-feminine lingerie riding up above your bottom. I have looked into her complaint and whilst no actual rule has been broken, I feel the gossip amongst the girls in the office is going to lead to a breakdown in respect for you within the office. Take down your trousers right now so I can see if the allegation is true. Don't look so dumb - you heard me - remove your pants and let me see if you are wearing panties... OMG you actually are! You’re wearing the girliest, frilliest pink panties I've ever seen – you’re SO pathetic! You’re such a secret panty wearing sissy! *giggle* I suspect it's not just panties a sissy like you enjoys wearing either - I'm sure if I stripped you down, I'd find you’re wearing a matching bra and stocking too am I right sissy? Take all your clothes off - I want to see! OMG! I told you! Sissy is dressed from head to toe in girlie pink lingerie haha! Oh seriously?.. is that a chastity device I can see through those lacy panties? Does sissy have a little locked up cock? Hahaha! Turn around - let me see your cute girlie bottom. Turn around and bend over. As I thought - sissy has a butt plug in her bottom!! This is a serious breach of office conduct missy and you'll need to be punished! You can report to me tomorrow in FULL girly office clothes to find out what I have planned for you!
Mia Middleton
25/11/2018 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sissy Exposed In The Office - #feminization