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Sissy Faggot Fleshlight Holder
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Do you know what this is faggot? This is the inside of of a fleshlight - the flesh in 'fleshlight'. It's the silicone pussy men push their cocks into. Wanna know what you're gonna get to do with it? This Fleshlight insert is gonna become YOUR pussy for men to enjoy. You're going to become a faggot fleshlight holder - and I don't mean you'll be holding it in your dainty painted fingers either sissy - this fleshlight insert is going in your own fuckhole! You're gonna hold this in your sissy-asshole for men to fuck. How fucking degrading! Guys want something pretty attached to the pussy they're fucking so we'll make you look just like the pornstar this Fleshlight was designed to replicate. You'll have trashy pornstar hair, slutty makeup and I'll put you in some flimsy lingerie and a cute mini skirt. Guys will lift up that pretty skirt and pull your panties to the side to find your realistic silicone pussy - just like a real girl! We'll have turned you into the perfect, submissive porno-dolly for men to use. With your sissy-cock locked in chastity and that thick silicone pussy pushed deep in your ass - you'll get no pleasure at all from being used, sissy. You won't feel anything other than the force of a man fucking his Fleshlight holder. All his cock sliding in and out of that fake-pussy held tightly in place by your faggot ass. You'll be my little whored out real-doll... except you're not a doll at all - you're being used just like an object but you're a real-life sissy with a fake pussy pushed into her fuck hole. You're being emasculated and humiliated by real men. Degraded and used for the pleasure of others... which is exactly what sissies like you are for, right?
Jessie BoulevardPrincess Ashleigh
13/10/2019 - 17 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sissy Faggot Fleshlight Holder - #ForcedBi