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Sissies exist only for the sexual pleasure of their owners. With your little pee-pee all locked up in chastity and hidden away in your effeminate panties, you have no choice other than to pleasure others. Under your pink ribbons, frills, pretty dresses and girly heels you might not be gay - but you're a sissy and your sexuality is not important. If you're a sissy you are nothing more than an object for dominant men and women to use. You, sissy, are no more than a fleshlight. You are a sissy fleshlight for men to use - for men to cum into. Real girls set themselves rules about who gets to fuck them, where and when. Sissies are denied this privilege. You don't get to choose who fucks you. You don't get to decide where or how you're fucked. You don't get to decide when or what to wear - sissy doesn't get to make the rules. All you have to worry about is making sure you're the prettiest sissy fleshlight you can possibly be for men to use. Your body needs to be smooth, your makeup needs to look adorable, your lips extra glossy, and your hair should be fixed in a cute style for him. You'll wear whatever your owner decides, pretty dresses, slutty uniforms, humiliating outfits or trapped in restraints. The only thing you'll concern yourself with is looking good for the cocks that are going to use you. You're going to be fucked just like a real fleshlight - your force-feminized body impaled with cock over and over again. Picked up and used until another cumload is pumped into you. Your purpose is to look pretty, serve cocks and make them cum.
Miss Maisie
10/11/2019 - 15 minutes
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