If you're going to convince them that you're a real girl, you're going to have to try harder than that. No, you're not even close to it yet. I'm going to turn you into a full-blown sissy. And you're going to show me just how much you want to prove yourself to me this weekend. How about it? My boyfriend - you know, my boyfriend, the one who fucks me right, the one who doesn't have to beg me to dress him up as a girl to get off like some pathetic little slut - he's having a party with all of his friends. Fraternity brothers from college, actually. Yeah, all of them were on the football team together, and I know that they like to blow off some steam come the weekend. Usually, they just take whatever women they can get, but this weekend - hmm, I think I have a new proposition for them. And I think that those guys are going to be all too happy to put a sissy tart in her place for good. They know what you deserve. And that's just what you're going to get.

I'm going to get you dressed up. Short dress, nothing but a thong underneath to hide your cock - no, a cage, maybe, chastity, just to make just that you are only good for being fucked, not for fucking. You're going to be crushed down into that, unable to so much as touch yourself. Yes, I can see it now, you'll be in this little French maid outfit that cuts off right below your ass. Your legs are going to shaven and moisturized; you're going to pay out of pocket for your own pedicure. You're going to sit in the salon and let them pretty you up and know that each and every one of the women there thinks that you're a pathetic little whore, just so you can understand what these men will need from you. We'll find you hair, long, blonde - we need you a full bimbo, you get it? Big pink lips ready to be wrapped around a cock, false eyelashes, make-up waiting to be ruined by all the cum and spit that's going to cover you completely.

And then, do you know what they're going to do? They're going to wreck you. They're going to push you as far as you can take it, and then a little more. Oh, you've never fucked a guy before? Well, that's part of being a woman, so you better get used to it if you want to prove how good a sissy slut you can be. Your ass, your mouth, all of you is an option to them. I want you to bend over and take them up the ass, I want you to swallow their sperm and thank them for every single drop. You're going to be polite, you hear me? You're going to prove to me and to them that you can be a good girl, that you can take cock with the best of them. I want to see you dripping with cum and spit, I want to see your make-up running down your face, I want to see your frilly little skirt ripped apart. I want you to convince me that you can be the girl you think you can be, alright? You serve them, and they'll decide if you can live up to the girls that they're used to.

Added: 03 May 2021
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