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How fucking stupid are you? Letting me dress you up like a sissy and cuff you to a chair? You obviously have no idea how much of a bitch I like to be to losers like you. I enjoy laughing at vulnerable sissies, trapped in cruel predicaments. Your phone - you really should have made the security a little tighter loser. What do you think I'm going to do with it? Am I going to take pictures of you and send them to everyone in your contacts? Am I going log onto your social media and change your profile pic to an embarrassing picture of you in your sissy predicament? Don't worry - I have a much better idea! I'm going to record a new voice-mail message on your phone, so if anyone calls you, they're going to hear me tell them all about you! Haha! Isn't this fun? Let me think... "Hi, you have called little Miss Sissy Slut. She can't come to the phone right now because she's too busy jerking her tiny 3 inch sissy clitty into her pink emasculation panties to the girls at If you leave a message after the beep she will call you back once she's done cumming on her own face and eating her own icky beta-male loser load!" OMG that's perfect! Now I'm just going to place the phone right here in front of you where you can't reach it, and then you can watch the screen and see who's calling you. What if your boss calls? Or your best friend? Or that hot girl you have a crush on? I'm going out to the club with my hot girlfriends to find real men who don't let girls dress them up like sissies, but when I get back we can listen to all the messages you've received while I've been out! Bye bye little miss Sissy Slut.

Added: 07 Apr 2019
Clip Length: 12m 50s