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So you know it's my mom's birthday coming up right? I really want to do something memorable for her this year and I was thinking about taking her away for the weekend but then I thought why not throw her a birthday party instead - she'd love that! I think we could make this the most memorable party she's ever been to! She's always looked down on you - in fact her nickname for you is 'subby-hubby' because of how pathetic you are but she'd never guess you were actually a sissy - my sissy. Which is why you're going to be the sissy serving maid at my mom's birthday party. I'm going to make you wear the frilliest, girliest maid's uniform with layers and layers of ruffled petticoats, smooth satin and a little apron and a cap. You're going to look so silly! I'll fix your makeup and put a long blonde wig on you before locking you into your heels and padlocking your uniform on so there will be no escaping the humiliation you're in for tonight. As soon as my mom and all her friends see you mining and curtseying in that sissy maid uniform they're gonna burst out laughing at you. My mom has never had any respect for you so seeing you being paraded in front of everyone, trapped in your frilly uniform with your face shame-red with embarrassment is going to make her so happy! She is going to enjoy bossing you around so much - and this is only going to be the start - after the party she's going to make your life a misery! She's probably gonna have a brand new nickname for you after this! Can you imagine sissy - once she knows you're my real-life sissy she's gonna want to come over and dominate you all the time. You're gonna be a sissy maid to me AND my mom!

Added: 25 Aug 2019
Clip Length: 12m 01s