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Sissy Mail Maid
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I have a little errand for you today sissy. I need you to post a letter to my boyfriend. I have it right here in its envelope with a stamp on it so all you have to do is walk to the post-box on the high street and send it for me. It's gonna be so busy on the high street today, sissy. SO busy! The humiliation you'll experience is going to be TOTALLY unavoidable. I'm sending you out on your errand in your girliest sissymaid uniform. I'm going to lock you into your pretty dress and padlock the platform heels to your feet. You're going to be completely feminized in panties, stockings, a tight corset and ruffled petticoats. You'll wear a long blonde wig and makeup. It won't matter how much you'll want to blend into the background, sissy, you WILL stand out! Not only will you look so pathetic wiggling down a busy high street dressed in the most over-the-top sissy maid uniform but I'm going to give you even more to deal with. Your poor cock will be locked in a tiny, spiked chastity cage so that every time a hot girl gives you a snarky look or a group of brats giggle and point at you, you're gonna feel the spikes dig in. Your pantied bottom will be plugged with a big vibrating butt-plug to make your girlish wiggle even more exaggerated - drawing even more attention to you. I'm even going to make you wear sissy jingle-bells to make sure everyone turns to look at you. You're going to walk all the way through the high street holding the important envelope to post to my real-man boyfriend and everyone is going to see you. You'll never have felt so humiliated in your whole life sissy!
07/07/2019 - 13 minutes
human furniture
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