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Sissy Prostitution Ring
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The CruelGirlfriend Sissy Prostitute Ring has been successfully whoring out submissives for years now. All over the world we have our sissies advertising their services on Craigslist, in public restrooms, and at adult bookstores. Most of our sissies whore themselves voluntarily simply because they understand their purpose in life, others are being pimped out to prevent being exposed by us as victims of our zero-tolerance blackmail program. We evaluate each sissy and decide upon what services they will offer and what rates they will charge. We help with advertising and in some circumstances we even decide exactly where the sissy will prostitute herself. We've made a very successful business forcing sissy wimps like you to suck cock, suffer extreme humiliation and abandon your sexuality. There is a great deal of profit to be made in every sissy! YOU are going to contribute to that profit sissy! You are going to be pimped out for our financial gain. We're going to decide what services you'll sell to the horny perverts who get their kicks from fucking and humiliating sissy-dress-up sluts like you. We're going to decide what you charge, and we will set you a minimum amount of to earn for us every day. We'll direct an endless stream of guys to your sissy holes - all desperate to treat you like their very own fuck-doll. When you're on your knees with a stranger’s cock in your mouth think of how much fun I'm having spending the money you're earning. While he's slapping your face and calling you humiliating names - think of us sipping champagne and laughing at the thought of you getting degraded for cash.
Miss Jyssica
10/08/2018 - 12 minutes
small testicle humiliation
dirty talk
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