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Sissy Stripped in Public
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I've decided that from now on you are going to wear pink frilly lingerie under your clothes every time you go out! When you go to work, when you're out with your friends, when you go to the gym! Haha! I don't care if anyone sees what you're hiding underneath your male clothes, in fact I hope people do see! Reminding you of your pansy status is not the only reason I want you to wear lingerie under your clothes in public. No, sissies like you need to be primed and ready for public humiliation at all times! If you ever you forget your manners or if I just feel like laughing at your total embarrassment, then I'm going to assemble my hit-squad of hot girlfriends. We'll seek you out - and we'll forcibly strip you of your ridiculous real-man costume! Can you imagine sissy? You're right in the middle of some meeting at work and suddenly a gang of beautiful young women burst into the room, pin you down on the floor - and while you're begging and pleading and struggling and squirming, we'll rip your clothes off in front of everyone you work with! We'll even bring scissors and cut your pants and your shirt to ribbons as you lie there helpless in your pink sissy lingerie. Oh, and just so everyone knows you enjoy this kind of humiliation we'll unlock you from your chastity device and let your little stiffy out. I want you pitching a laughable little tent in your panties, so everyone can see that you actually get off on being our sissified little bitch. Then, once you're stripped and exposed, we'll just walk off and leave you there - in women's underwear, with no clothes, phone or wallet! Haha!
Chloe Love
14/12/2018 - 12 minutes
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