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What the actual FUCK are you wearing?! OMG are those my panties? You're a sissy! What kind of pathetic dress-up pansy puts on girls panties and dainty underwear and prances around like a bitch? You enjoy feeling like a girl don't you sissy? DON'T you? Well, if you wanna dress like a little bitch then I'll treat you like one. I'm gonna make you fucking cry, sissy. I'm gonna bully you until you're crying like the fairy princess you are. Hot girls like me shouldn't have to deal with sissies like you, stealing our panties and trying on our lingerie. What am I gonna do with a sissy like you huh? I'm gonna humiliate you, sissy - that's for sure! When I'm done, you're gonna wish you never even thought about putting my panties on. I'm gonna teach you a lesson sissy - if you want to dress like a girl; you're going to cry like a fucking girl too! Now get ready to CRY for me sissy! I want to see tears running down your shame-red face. You're so gonna regret ever going through my panty-drawer!

Own up sissy! What else of mine have you been wearing? Have you been trying on my pretty little dresses you fucking pansy? Have you been squeezing into my short, tight mini-skirts? You deserve to be humiliated for this. The real man that get's to fuck me every night would laugh so much if he could see you, 'dolled up' like the bimbo-princess you are. Trying so hard to be a sexy, hot girl - just like me. You're a joke to real men like him - a pathetic failure. The only time he'd ever touch my panties is when he's ripping them off me before he gets to fuck me. Something a sissy failure like you could only dream of doing. I want to see some tears, sissy! I want to see you fucking cry like a girly little bitch. How dare you wear my sexy outfits. How DARE you put on my sexy panties and pretend you're anything but a useless little femboy. My dresses and skirts aren't even meant for you - they're meant for me to look good for the real men who fuck me. Sissies like you deserve to wear satin maid dresses and submissive school-girl uniforms.

What would my girlfriends do if they found out you were dressing up in all my sexy outfits? You'd be a laughing stock. They'd look down their bratty noses at you and laugh at how pathetic you were, trying to play princess. You'd be utterly humiliated, all my hot girlfriends standing over you, laughing at you. You know what? I might call them up right now, so they can come and laugh at you. They'd take turns calling you a little bitch. A little sissy femboy. A pathetic excuse for a man with a tiny girl-cock in my panties and skirts. I might even ask my hot girlfriends to bring their boyfriends over too. You know, real, muscular men that work out in the gym every day so they can go home and fuck their girlfriends for hours!.. not the kind that go home and slip themselves into girly-panties! I'm gonna invite them all over so they can all watch you cry like a girl while we take turns humiliating you in your feminized frills! So cry, sissy. Cry like the little bitch you are. Go on faggot! I want to see tears roll down your painted cheeks! Cry you fucking pansy!

Added: 09 Apr 2021
Clip Length: 12m 45s