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They say the 2 things to be certain of in life are death and taxes but for my blackmailed sissies there is a third certainty - that you will be exposed. As certain as death and taxes - if you are being blackmailed the end result will be your exposure. Your sissy identity will be revealed and your life ruined. The only thing that delays the outcome is by paying me. Keeping up with your payments - paying every demand no matter what it is. I know you can't afford it. I know you are suffering every time I make you send me your cash. I know I'm pushing you into debt and making you go without but you know what would be worse than that sissy? If I exposed you. Worse than the humiliation of your card getting declined at the grocery store is for everyone you know to find out how you dress up in girly uniforms for hot bratty girls like me to laugh at you. Every single image I have of you, sissy, is ready to be uploaded and revealed to the world. Your humiliating tasks all documented and filed, your ID, all of it - all ready to be exposed - and I really will do it. In your girly lingerie, the panties, pleated skirts, the uniforms, the makeup and wig, with you holding little signs confessing and proving you're doing it because you're a humiliation addicted sissy. I'm going to reveal it - I'm going to expose you and everyone will get to see you. Everyone will be laughing at you. Everyone - and all because you sent a blackmailer everything I demanded you to. Like you had any choice anyway. You've been fucked over sissy - totally rinsed and exposed by a heatless girl from the internet who trapped you and ruined your fucking life.

Added: 30 Jul 2019
Clip Length: 13m 35s