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We're pretty good at making sissies like you stand out at CruelGirlfriend. Dressing pansies like you up in adorable frilly dresses, bright pink humiliation outfits and over-the-top ruffled maid uniforms is what me and my girlfriends do best. But if you really want to stand out and be the best sissy you can be - you need the dream-girl body to truly look the part. A cute girlish figure takes a lot of hard work, sissy. It takes a healthy protein-based diet and a lot of exercise. You want to look good for me, don't you? You want to be the prettiest sissy-girl for me - you want all the attention from the boys too right? So we need to get into sissy-shape don't we?

I'm going to make sure you've got the perfect sissy body. Tight and toned - you're gonna have that washboard stomach and a cute bubble-butt that will look so hot in your short skirts and skin-tight crop-tops. I'm going to put you through an intensive sissy-shaping fitness plan to give you the ultimate fem-boi body. You're going to be slim and feminine so we can put you in the hottest outfits. The boys are gonna love your new look so much. I'm going to make you look so girly, you'd even look good in a bikini.

Sissies like you need to make your appearance to real men your top priority. You're going to work-out to my fitness plan every day. You'll keep your body soft and smooth and totally free from hair. You will pay attention to every detail - just like a real girl. Only when your body is slim and toned can we think about filling your chest with silicone and pumping your lips with filler. I'm going to turn you into a living barbie doll but first you're going to prove to me how much you want it - you're going to work for it sissy - you're going to work for your sissy-shape.

Added: 17 May 2020
Clip Length: 15m 02s