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Sshhh! They Think You're A Real Girl
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With you totally encased in that thick latex suit, your big pumped up tits and your waist pulled in extra tight it's no surprise they all think you're a real girl. The big rubber blow-job lips hole is the only open part of your suit that connects you to the real world. The impossible ballet heels locked onto your feet add that extra feminine detail as well as make you completely helpless. All the guys I've invited think you're a submissive GIRL who wants to be used in total anonymity - I suggest for your sake you keep it that way. If any of these thugs find out you're actually a feminized sissyboy I'd dread to think what they'd do to you. You'd better make sure you totally convince them that you're a real girl, sissy! You'd better have all your girlie mannerisms perfected - a cute nod when they order you to do something. A feminine 'Yes sir' when you are commanded to bring your cock-hole to their hard cocks. You'd better make the prettiest noises while they're filling your throat with cock. This is going to be way more difficult for you than when I put you to work in the gloryhole. You're gonna have to be a girl with your whole body - not just your mouth! I wonder how long it'll take the guys to realise the big rubber plug in your ass can be removed?.. and replaced with their big Alpha cocks.
Jessie Boulevard
30/07/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sshhh! They Think You're A Real Girl - #feminization