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I'm way too much for you. Too hot, too intimidating, too demanding and too good for a wimp like you to satisfy. You need to stick to jerking off - stick to a hand-only sex-life virgin-boi. You need to remain pussy free because girls like me are way more than you deserve. You know that don't you - that's why you're gonna stay a virgin forever - a gooner a porn-addict stroking to girls you don't deserve. It's pathetic - you stare at me, you admire every inch of me - my perfect body, my big tits, my beautiful ass. You watch me pose in my short, tight outfits and you can't even imagine being with me can you - because it's so far from reality to a beta like you. You don't even have the nerve to talk to a girl like me - let alone fuck one of us, virgin coward! All you can do is jerk off - because all you are is a virgin masturbator.

You have to leave the girls to the real men - leave us alone and stick to your hand so that we're not wasting any time on you - wasting time rejecting you, ignoring you, sneering at you and belittling you obviously. Leave us so that there are more girls to go around the real men that know what to do with us. Save yourself from our cold rejection, loser. Spare yourself the humiliation of being told to fuck off or being at the end of a heart-crushing 'Ew No'. Accept that you will always be alone with only your tissues as company - watching humiliporn to get yourself off in front of your screen. That's the sex-life you deserve, loser. The sex-life that suits you - stroking to hot girls like me insulting you, humiliating you, making fun of your pathetic virgin status. Cum to the middle finger I throw in your embarrassed face - or the 'L' sign of shame... because that's the best it's gonna get for you!

Stroke away all hope of ever having a girlfriend, jerk-away any illusions of having a normal sex-life - with REAL girls loser, because you're gonna be a virgin masturbator forever. You really will. You'll be pussy-free for life - only ever getting to cum in your tissues before flushing your unwanted slime down the fucking toilet. Jerk for me while I give you the reality check you deserve loser. Jerk for me while I lay out the plan to keep you pussy-free - while I tell you how girls will never want to fuck you - how you'll never get a girlfriend - how you'll always be alone. Jerk while I laugh at you for being a failure, a loser, a wimp, a VIR-GIN! Jerk while I make fun of you - while I tease you with what you'll never have - what only real men get - not masturbating losers like you. Jerk until you wanna make a mess into your tissue for Megan - Jerk until I give you permission to cum, you icky virgin masturbator!

Added: 02 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 16m 32s