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Sure You Can Be Straight - A Straight Girl
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Aw does my little forced fag victim hate being made to go gay for me? Do you hate me calling you a FAGGOT while I make you suck on other men's cocks? Is it that you feel ashamed when a hot girl like me forces you to become a submissive gayboy for dominant men? Haha! Aw poor little cocksucker doesn't like being the beta-boy to superior masters - well I guess I could allow you to be straight… a straight GIRL! Yeah that would solve all our problems right faggot? If I turned you into a girl, I'd still be able to make you suck cock for me and I guess even more men would want their cock's sucked by you if you looked like a pretty girl too. You could tell yourself it's not actually gay because you're a girl now right? Girls sucking cocks is normal - you're not doing anything a normal straight girl wouldn't do huh faggot? You could ignore all the names I call you because deep down you're a girl - not a faggot. You can suck on cock and get fucked in your ass - just like a straight girl. You'll wear pretty lingerie for your 'boyfriends' just like a real girl would too. But you've got to accept this isn't something you can turn on or off as you wish faggot. If you want to be a straight girl and not a pansy gayboy - you're gonna have to be a girl ALL THE TIME! You're gonna have to live as a girl - panties, bras and stocking under cute little mini-dresses EVERY day! High heels, makeup and wig - ALL THE TIME! You're gonna need to look pretty to keep your boyfriends interested faggot. So, what's it gonna be gayboy? Do you want to be a faggot for the rest of your life - or are you gonna be a cute cocksucking straight girl for all the boys huh?
Lucie Jones
28/12/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sure You Can Be Straight - A Straight Girl - #forcedbi