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She Told Me To Keep You Locked
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6 whole months locked away in chastity has been so tough on you hasn't it loser? The last couple of months have literally been hell for you - especially since I've started hanging out with my new clubbing girlfriend Lucie. She's been coming over and getting ready with me before we head out to the clubs and you've had to watch us try on all out cute outfits. Your poor locked-up cock has suffered so much - watching us fixing each other’s lipstick, swapping dresses, and walking around in front of you in next to nothing. I've felt so sorry for you loser. I really have - I literally pitied you all caged away while 2 hot girls flaunted themselves right in front of you. I wanted to unlock you. I thought you'd had enough punishment and that I'd set you free after 6 months, but Lucie thinks you deserve to stay locked up. I actually think she wants you to stay in there FOREVER! Lucie has convinced me to keep you locked up so that we can continue to tease and deny you. She thinks I should cheat on you too. We get so much attention from real men at the clubs she thinks I should stop seeing you as my boyfriend altogether and just cuckold you with other guys. I guess it'll be kinda fun to turn you into our permanently locked up, teased and denied cuckold. We could BOTH humiliate the fuck out of you by bringing real guys home and fucking them right in front of you while you kneel by our bed in your little pink cock-cage.
Mia Middleton
15/07/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - She Told Me To Keep You Locked - #chastity