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She Told Me You're Locked
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Oh, hi I'm Mia - is your girlfriend home from work yet? I was supposed to meet her here, but I guess she's running late - maybe I'll just come in and wait here for her? Why don't you fetch me a drink like a good boy? Oh my! If I didn't know better, I'd have thought you had quite the package hidden inside your pants there! You have such a bulge - is it because I'm your girlfriend's hottest friend? Is it because I'm wearing such a cute little outfit? Is it because I'm being bratty and flirty with you? Or maybe it's because you're wearing a chastity device! Haha Haha! Yes loser - I know all about that tight little chastity device your girlfriend has you all caged away in and I think it's fucking hilarious! She's told me all about how she snapped you into chastity, so she can dominate you, cuckold you and humiliate you. It's so funny and so fucking pathetic! Not only did I know all about it, but I knew she wasn't gonna be here too - which is why I came over in this teasy outfit. Your poor little cock trying to get a boner in its cock-cage! It's pathetic - you don't even own your own cock anymore - it belongs to your girlfriend! Haha! Actually - it belongs to me right now - she gave me the key - see! Your poor little cock belongs to me - the mean bratty BFF of your girlfriend and I've got no intention of letting you out any time soon. I just want to make fun of you while your girlfriend is out fucking some other guy she met in the bar. Boo hoo loser - she's getting laid and you're getting humiliated.
Mia Middleton
28/01/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - She Told Me You're Locked - #chastityhumiliation