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Sissies Suffer In Micro Chastity
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Sissies suffer the most at CruelGirlfriend. I guess me and the other Cruel Girlfriends just thrive on tormenting our little dress-up bitches and there are literally so many ways to humiliate and torture sissies. Besides the total emasculation of being dressed in the most feminine girly clothes by a hot girl. Seeing a girl like me holding back her laughter, knowing she would never take a pansy like you seriously must be so humiliating. Theres also the cruel things we force you to do just to entertain us. Sending you out into public in your sissy clothes for EVERYONE to see, making you suck cocks and get fucked by Alpha guys. There are literally infinite possibilities when it comes to making a sissy's life as degrading as possible. So, when it comes to locking up your cock, it's not enough to simply cage you away in a sissy-pink chastity device and leave you to rot. A sissy's chastity sentence needs to be as cruel as possible. I like to lock you sissy wimps inside this evil little VICE mini device. Look how tiny it is sissy! Once you've squeezed your puny little sissy-cock inside the cute pink tube you'll be in a whole new world of suffering. The endless frustration from having no room to grow a single millimetre is going to drive you out of your weak little mind. I'll tease you and humiliate you, I'll let guys fuck you and my girlfriends spit on you but whatever we do - your poor sissy-cock will not be able to grow the slightest bit hard. No, you'll stay locked and limp in this tiny device forever. Every sissy deserves to be locked in chastity - but our sissies get locked in the micro-devices!
Miss Bethany
01/06/2018 - 12 minutes
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