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Sissified For Black Owners
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It's a fact there are a lot of black guys who love the idea of owning a white submissive sissy. I guess it's the ultimate interracial dominance - taking a white guy and forcing him to become a girl to submit to a black male. The prize for the black guy is obvious - he gets an obedient white slave gurl to use as he desires. The sissy on the other hand is forced to live a life of total humiliation and servitude. I get asked all the time by black Alpha males if I have any sissies I can pass their way - sometimes just for the night, for a cheap thrill at a hotel. Sometimes a group of black guys want a white sissy to put through a night of extreme abuse - a gangbang or some bondage/torture session. More often I'm asked if I can supply a white sissy for a long-term relationship and this is why you're here today - you're being sissified for a black Alpha male who wants to own an effeminate sissy wimp. I'm going to have you shaved from head to toe and dressed it the prettiest girls clothes. I'm going to fix your makeup and prepare you for your new owner. Remember, sissies don't have a choice in who owns them, how they get used - they are simply sexual commodities to be traded. You're going to be the sissified white wimp of a dominant black master and you are going to take care of all his sexual demands. He may keep you to himself or share you with his friends - that's up to him. You'll just mind your manners and do as you're told at all times. You'll look pretty for him and never complain.
Mia Middleton
11/02/2018 - 12 minutes
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