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Sissy Exposure Assignment 2
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You should know by now that we like to take your humiliation to another level at CruelGirlfriend.com. Some think that simply forcing a beta wimp like you into a pair of panties and a bra and making him go to work mildly emasculated is enough humiliation. We do not! Once we've feminized you at CruelGirlfriend - we love nothing more than exposing you for all the world to see your shame-red sissy face. So today I'm giving you a sissy exposure assignment that will force you to reveal yourself to strangers and face the humiliating consequences. The first thing to do is get yourself all dressed up in your girliest sissy outfit. Remember this is a sissy exposure assignment so make sure you spend EXTRA time getting your makeup perfect, and your outfit as pathetically sissy as possible. Shave or wax yourself all over - get your whole body soft and girlishly smooth. Guys like to see ultra-feminine outfits on their sissies so zip yourself into a pretty maid’s uniform or dress up as a cute schoolgirl or a cheerleader. Slip your stockinged feet into some high heels and put your favourite wig on your head. You look hilarious! A pathetic sissy all dressed up and ready to be exposed. It's time to pose like a model - I want you to take some photos of yourself. Look cute, girlie and submissive for the camera - pout those lips, push your hip out and show off your emasculated, feminized body. So now you've completed the 'sissy' part of this assignment it's time to start the 'exposure' part...
Miss Maisie
04/02/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sissy Exposure Assignment 2 - #exposedsissy