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Sissy Maid Spanking From Sir
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I've told my new boyfriend that you, sissy, haven't been working hard and getting your chores done quickly enough. I was very clear when I demoted you from boyfriend to sissy-maid that if you wanted to stay in my life and live here in your special pink bedroom that you'd need to serve as my 24/7 housemaid. You knew it was going to be humiliating, serving an alpha couple in the house you used to live as my boyfriend. You knew it was going to be hard work keeping the place clean and tidy, running errands for us, cooking and serving our meals and drinks. You also knew that if your performance as our maid fell short of our expectations you would be punished. Would you like to know how my new boyfriend intends on punishing you when he comes home? You'll continue with your duties as normal. My man will come home and you'll greet him by taking his coat and serving him a drink. You'll finish preparing our evening meal and bring it to us like a good little waitress. After our meal you'll tidy up, wash the dishes and then fetch your collar and leash to present to me in my thrown room. I'm going to fasten the collar and leash to your neck and lead you to where my new boyfriend is waiting where he will administer a thorough spanking. You're going to bend over his lap while he spanks you long and hard for your lazy behaviour and you will thank him for each blow. I'm not even going to hide my giggles as you pathetically cry 'Thank you Sir' after every crack of his palm on your sissy maid ass. Maybe you'll learn your new status in this household after he's finished with you sissy!
Daisy Dillon
12/01/2018 - 12 minutes
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