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We love seeing our sissies humiliated here at Cruel Girlfriend. We love watching the last drops of masculinity rolling down your pretty cheeks as you cry tears of shame for our amusement. Completing our cruel assignments knowing hot girls are going to laugh at you must be so embarrassing for you. Knowing your pathetic feminized state and the obvious shame exposed on your face is entertaining us is enough to make you cry. One thing that we find so funny to do to our sissies is to make them cum from an anal sissygasm. Watching you bounce up and down on a big dildo desperately trying to cum like a girl is hilarious. So that's what we want you to do for us today. I want you to get all shaved - all over - nice and smooth like a real girl. Then find something pretty and girly to wear like a cute pink miniskirt or some ultra-feminine lingerie. Finally, before you start your sissygasm assignment I want you to lock your limp cock away in a chastity device. All sissies should have their pointless missy-dicks permanently caged away anyway so if it's not already in a cage - lock it up. Now for your emasculating assignment. Set your camera up so that it's pointing at your locked-up cock and record yourself riding on a dildo. Squirm and moan just like a girl. Wriggle your ass on that dildo and fuck yourself deep and hard. Imagine you're a whore getting a client off in his hotel room - made to do all the work as you bounce back on his hard cock. Keep going sissy until your defeated cock leaks out a sissygasm. Then send it to us so we can all laugh at what a pathetic sissy like you has to do to cum!
Sarah Jessica
30/11/2017 - 13 minutes
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