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So all the girls in the sorority house have our own stuff to arrange before we move back in after the summer. Megan is hiring the gardener - she showed me a picture of the guy she picked and OMG he's fit! Bethany has found the hottest pool-guy I've ever seen - I'm gonna be hanging out by the pool EVERY time he comes over to work. My job was to find a cleaner for the whole sorority house and I totally know you'll be perfect! I mean best of all is you'll do it for free wont you? How the fuck could you refuse after I caught you trying on my panties right? With the evidence I have safely hidden away you'll do whatever I tell you and I need a cleaner, so I guess that means you'll be our sorority sissy maid. Aw don't be ashamed of the job title sissy - it's the uniform you should feel ashamed about! I guess the girls were expecting me to find a girl for this role, so they picked out this cute little maid uniform. If I didn't know you actually get off on wearing girly clothes I'd feel sorry for you. So we're gonna expect you to come on over every day and tidy up after all of us. Make our beds, fold and press our clothes, pick up all our boyfriends used condoms and make sure the whole sorority house is spick and span. And when you're here - you'll be wearing your pretty maid uniform, your heels and your wig. I better warn you that some of the girls are really mean. They'll make fun of you, call you names and make you curtsey just for fun. They'll make an extra mess just so they can punish you for not cleaning up properly. It's gonna be a tough for you sissy - but I know you're the right girl for the job!
Alexa Brooke
24/06/2018 - 13 minutes
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