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Stripclub Sissy Waitress
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I've found you the perfect job sissy. I get to dress you up in pretty girlie things, make you look like a complete slut and send you off to a humiliating fate every night. The great thing is because it's an evening job you can still keep up the pretence of being a man during the day and go to your day-job. You'll have 2 jobs - One for when you're pretending to be a normal guy during the day and one your Cruel Girlfriend sends you to all dressed up like a girl! How perfect is your life huh? You're going to be working at the strip club. Don't worry sissy, I'm not sending you out to work as a stripper - not until I've completed your feminization at least. No, your new job will be as one of the club's hostess girls. Your cute girlie uniform will be staying on. All you need to do is wait tables, fetch drinks for guys and clean up. You have nothing to worry about sissy. It's pretty dark in the club so people probably won't even notice you're really a boy. You'll be wearing a slutty uniform, fishnet stockings, a pair of tiny hotpants, a cute crop-top and heels. I'll make you look so slutty with lots of makeup, big lashes, a long blonde wig and a big pair of false tits stuck to your chest. You'll blend right in sissy. I'm sure you'll get used to leery guys grabbing you and pinching your bottom as you run around for them. You'll soon ignore the giggles from the hot lap-dancing girls who know your secret. You'll know how to handle the drunk guys who want to pay for 'extras'. I think you'll really enjoy your new sissy night-job and I'm definitely gonna enjoy all the tips you bring home to me!
Miss Bethany
05/02/2018 - 12 minutes
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