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I know it's humiliating being dressed like that in front of me. That pretty pink bow in your girly blonde hair must feel so embarrassing. You look so silly wearing that short little dress with all that lace and soft satin - is that what's making you blush so badly? Or may it's the big silicone breast forms I've made you fill that feminine bra with or the feeling of those stockings pinned to your thighs? Do you feel totally ashamed of yourself, stood on top of your 6in platform heels modelling your ridiculous sissy uniform for a hot bratty girl - listening to me make fun of you, calling you names and laughing at you? You should do sissy - you should feel totally ashamed of yourself but y'know what - it's gonna get a whole lot worse! I'm going to make you suck another sissy's cock right in front of me. I don't care how humiliated it's gonna make you feel or how desperately you don't want to do it - you're going to suck another sissy's cock for me. I'm going to make the two of you get to know each other by kissing - you're going to put on a little show for me. Kissing each other and feeling each other - lifting up each other's dainty petticoats and touching each other like 2 shy girls. Then you'll be the first sissy you kneel down and put the other sissy's cock in your mouth. Aw you're going to be so fucking humiliated - knowing I'm standing right here watching you suck sissy-cock for my entertainment. I'm going to supervise your first sissy blowjob and I'm going to laugh and call you names as you suck him until he spurts down your throat. So funny!
Sarah Jessica
31/05/2018 - 11 minutes
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