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Aw a date with me never really works out the way you hope does it loser. Last time we went clubbing, I rinsed you of all your cash and sent you home with blue balls. The time before I told you it would make me feel so hot if you wore my panties - then I totally exposed you right in the middle of the dancefloor. OMG your face was so red with everyone laughing at you! It's fun to torment you, I know your pathetic loser-stick is always hard for me - you're willing to do whatever I say in the hope I'll be nice to you but y'know I only keep you around to humiliate. It's entertainment for me! So is it really any surprise you're about to have the most emasculating night of your loser life? I took you out to the club, got you to pay for my drinks and hold them and my cute bag while I danced with hot guys. I made fun of you in front of REAL men and laughed about how I treat you like my cuckold boyfriend. I made you watch me make out with a guy in the back of the cab and told you to fetch us drinks when we got back to the apartment. You've already felt real humiliation for my amusement so how much worse can it get huh? Well ask yourself that when you're kneeling at the end of the bed sucking a guy's cock while I fuck a real man on your bed! That's right faggot - I'm going to watch you swallow cock while my stud fucks me and you'd better put on a fucking good show for us bitch. Lick his balls and swallow his cum and pretend you're fucking enjoying yourself while we laugh at you faggot.
Danni King
29/09/2017 - 11 minutes
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