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Suck Their Husband's Cocks
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A few of my girlfriends are coming over tonight and I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to introduce you to their husbands. You've already met my closest girlfriends, Maisy, Mia and Becky when they came over that time and I made you show them your chastity device. Haha! They thought it was so hilarious and laughed right in your red face! They teased and humiliated you and told you their real men wouldn't ever let a girl lock their cock's up in such a device. I'm sure they'd have told their husbands all about it when they went home - and now you're gonna meet them all - that's gonna be kinda humiliating for you don't you think? Maybe it'll be even more humiliating if we made you suck their cocks? What if, after my girlfriends arrive with their big strong Alpha husbands and you've fetched everyone a drink - we make you get down on your knees and suck all the other guys cocks. You're going to be so obviously the beta amongst the group - it's only fair that you're the designated cocksucker. The girls will be screaming with laughter - pushing your head down on their husband’s huge cocks. I think we should even make you wear our clothes too. You can wear Maisy's cute little dress while you suck her man's cock, you can put on Mia's pretty skirt and top when you suck her man's cock and Becky will give you he sexy little outfit to wear for when you take care of her husband's cock. You're going to be so humiliated and covered in cum tonight - too bad for you huh faggot?
Bella Mendez
10/12/2017 - 13 minutes
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