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Swallow Your Limp Pills
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We're going to turn you into a limp cocked, cuckold sissy in the most degrading way imaginable. In a little under one month's time your poor little cock will be permanently, medically ruined! These pills will render your cock completely useless - limp for the rest of your life - the treatment is totally irreversible. Losing the possibility of ever getting an erection again is only the start of what will be a full emasculation of your life. I'll cuckold you - making your cock permanently flaccid gives me the perfect justification to invite other men into our bed. You're going to kneel with your redundant cock between your legs as you watch real men fuck your girlfriend with their huge hard cocks. I'm going to LOVE telling them exactly what I've done to you - that I forced you to swallow pills until your cock was ruined. Chemically stripping you of your manhood and mentally humbling you by cuckolding you will be fun but your emasculation isn't complete until I've feminized you. Taking away your right to wear male clothes and only allowing you to wear ultra-feminine clothing will crush what was ever left of your masculinity. When my bulls see you sissified you'll understand there's no coming back from this. Once you've heard our laughter at what we've done to your mind, body and appearance you'll realise you're going to be nothing more than an emasculated beta cuckold for the rest of your life. No cock, no masculinity - no dignity - all because I decided to take it all away from you for my amusement.
Miss MaisiePrincess Ashleigh
23/02/2018 - 13 minutes
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