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You've done as you were told and bought the chastity device? You've snapped the lock shut and have been teasing and tormenting yourself by watching all the humili-porn your poor little cock can take huh? I know I'm right loser! I know your beta wimp-dick is straining inside that device and leaking precum. You've got yourself so frustrated and submissive watching clip after clip of Cruel Girlfriends humiliating you, laughing at you and telling you EXACTLY why a loser like you should stay caged away in chastity for the rest of your pathetic life. This is your routine now isn't it? You lock yourself up in your new device and watch us unobtainably beautiful girls ridicule you until you can't take any more and you unlock yourself - allowing you access to that feeble cock to jerk yourself to a humiliation-enhanced loser-gasm! Not this time loser. This time, instead of just listening to what I'm telling you - you're going to do what I tell you to do. Fetch the key to your chastity device and fetch a nice big dildo. You're gonna put the key to your chastity device on your tongue and fuck your faggot ass with the dildo while you watch this clip. This time, loser, you don't get to unlock your device and jerk yourself off - deep down you know you don't deserve that so this time, just as you're about to cum from your humiliating anal-orgasm, just when you know you're about to spasm out a shameful sissy-gasm and you've reached the point of no-return I want you to swallow your key! Swallow it and then wash it down with your own cum - scooped from the end of your caged cock.
Kayla Louise
26/06/2017 - 10 minutes
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