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I knew you'd fall for it! The other girls thought you might not be THAT dumb, but I knew you'd be WAY too weak to resist our little panty-trap. You yicky little creep. You know, most men wouldn't be interested in our delicate lingerie and dainty underwear, unless we're actually wearing it for them, but not you. You can't get enough of panties, can you? I knew I could lure you in by just collecting some of our girliest, frilliest, pinkest panties together. You just couldn't resist, could you? You couldn't pretend for a second that you're not the pathetic panty-pervert you are, crawling around our bedrooms on your hands and knees if it means that you can get your hands on some panties from girls too hot to even bother looking at you twice. Eughw - you're literally such a panty freak!

You need to be taught a lesson for this. So, what do you think would be appropriate - huh? What's the punishment for snuffling into our girlie panty-pile? No reject, you don't get to decide - trust me, I've already planned what will work best for you. I promised my girlfriends a show if I won this bet - I bet them that you would dive straight into our panties the first moment you got a chance. And do you know what we all agreed on? What your punishment's gonna be? So we thought that If you like panties so much, then you'll have no problem putting on a show for all of us, should you? A little panty-modelling show for me and the girls - parading up and down in all our dainty panties while we laugh and humiliate the fuck outta you! We deserve some entertainment and I think we deserve to see your most embarrassing apology, in the form of a sissy panty-show that you are going to put on just for us.

Oh I know it's gonna be humiliating but this is what you want, surely? Why else would you be stealing our panties huh sissy? Why would you take our pink, frilly, super-feminine panties if you weren't planning on wiggling your pansy bottom into them? I bet you're totally getting a boner already at the thought of it. At the thought of wearing panties for me and all my girlfriends to laugh at you in! I'm gonna make sure that you put on a good performance for my girlfriends sissy. We'll make you put on every single pair in the hamper, and then you're going to model and pose for us in them. We're gonna record every detail of this too, the look on your shame-red face as you follow all of our humiliating instructions. Curtsey! Twirl, wiggle your bottom!! Hahaha! Go on sissy shake your pantied bottom for the girls! OMG and when we see the way your little dick tent in each new pair of panties we make you put on, we're gonna laugh even more and call you out for enjoying all this humiliation! It's gonna be so humiliating for you - but that's just what you get for falling into our little panty-trap sissy!

Added: 19 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 8m 03s