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Thanks For The New Tits Cuckold
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Thanks for my new tits cucky - it was so nice of you to buy them for me - they look SO good! You spent so much money on them - I can't tell you how perfect they look! Would you like to see them?... would you like me to show you the amazing tits your £10k bought? Aw - I'm really grateful that you spent all your saving on my new tit's but you're still just my cuckold - and cuckolds don't deserve to see these until my real man has emptied his big cumload all over them! You see the only time you're ever going to see these tits is when you're licking up the mess other men have made on them. You'll see them soon enough cucky - my lover is coming over tonight to get the big reveal! I cant wait for him to get his hands on the tits you paid for. I can't wait to unzip my top for him and for him to feel them. I'm going to let him put his big Alpha cock right between them - I want him to fuck the tits you saved for and I want him to cover them both with all his cum. Then you get your treat cucky - as soon as your rival has left his cum on my new tits - you'll be allowed to see them - while you lick up every drop of his spunk. You can clean me up while we laugh at you for being so fucking pathetic. This is just the start cuckold - you're going to have to sit back and watch so many men enjoy my perfect tits. You'll watch as I invite guys over to feel them in the club before I take them to the bathroom for a closer luck - if you're lucky I'll send you a photo (blurred of course) - cuckolds don't deserve jerk-off material. If you're really lucky - I'll bring a condom home to empty all over my new tits for you Haha!
Chloe Love
06/01/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Thanks For The New Tits Cuckold - ##cuckold