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The 11th Man - Sissy Assignment
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You love humiliation assignments don't you sissy? You love it when I set you a task that pushes you into totally embarrassing predicaments in order to entertain me and my Cruel Grilfriends. You want to make us laugh at your shame and suffering don't you? I hope so because today you're going to be humiliated for our amusement. Before we start you need to lock yourself into your chastity device and then dress up in your girliest sissy outfit. Put some real effort in to how you look sissy - wear the prettiest matching lingerie set you have. A cute jewelled butt-plug, stockings heels and a hot cock-teasing little outfit. Maybe a belly-top and miniskirt or a sexy little dress. You need to look like jerk-off material, sissy. Your makeup and hair need to look pretty and ultra-feminine. Are you ready for your assignment sissy? Are you ready to be humiliated and laughed at for me - because we're going to play a game that's going to make you feel so used and exploited? I want you to join an adult chat platform and your task is to make 10 guys cum. You're going to do whatever they tell you in order to be the perfect jerk-off material for them. If they tell you to show them your helpless locked up cock, you'll pull down your panties and lift your skirt for them. If they want to humiliate you, make you do degrading things - you'll do it. You'll do whatever they want and say whatever they want to make them cum. All 10 guys need to blow their loads jerking off to you in your sissy outfit. You're going to feel so used and humiliated - but I'm not done with you yet. Are you ready for the 11th Man, sissy?
Kat Dun
09/09/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - The 11th Man - Sissy Assignment - #Feminization