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The closest thing to a boner you'll ever get, ever again is wearing this strap on around your waist chastity-boi. Locked in permanent chastity you must have thought your sex-life was over right? I guess I may have given you that idea - teasing you that you'll never get to feel a pussy ever again as I clicked the lock closed on that scrunchy little cage. Teasing you that you'll never get hard for the rest of your life. Teasing you that you're going to remain frustrated, and leaky and denied with no hope of ever getting out. I guess you would have thought you'd never get to enjoy sex with a girl again - and that's mostly true. You won't be enjoying anything with that cock ever again... but your sex life isn't over loser - not totally over. You'll still get to fuck - you just won't get to feel it - you won't get any pleasure at all. Your sex-life is going to involve you staying tightly caged away while you wear a strap-on dildo. Pathetic right?

You're not going to feel a thing loser - not a thing. You'll enjoy all the teasing my perfect body has to give. You'll enjoy my hot lingerie sets, my heels, my long hair down to the arch of my back as you take the place you always dreamed of finding yourself. Can you imagine loser - your Princess looking over her shoulder as she tells you to fuck her - you begged for this moment to come true, and it really has - you're gonna get to fuck me - you're gonna get to hear me moan and see my body writhe with pleasure - but you won't get to feel a thing. No pleasure for you chastity-boi - none at all. You're going to use that big fake cock to give me what I deserve - and that chastity device is gonna make sure you get what you deserve - nothing but total pleasureless denial.

You're so close - you've almost got everything you've ever wanted... but the reality is you couldn't be further away! You're not gonna get to enjoy a thing loser. The little key bouncing against my perfect big round tits is gonna make sure of that. The tight steel cage keeping you safely secured in permanent chastity is going to make sure you don't enjoy a single moment you'll spend fucking your dream girl. All the pretty noises I make, the cute things I'll wear, the hot thing's I'll say - it'll all make it worse for you loser. You'll keep pushing that strap-on cock into me - harder, deeper, faster and stronger - but you'll stay limp and leaky in that cage for me, chastity-boi. You'll watch me cum over and over again - enjoying the sex-life I designed for myself - knowing yours will never give you a single orgasm. Watch me cum reject - watch me take another and another and another and understand every single one will be mine - EVERY one!

Added: 19 Sep 2021
Clip Length: 13m 40s