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Good news sissy - you've got your very first modelling assignment! I'm so excited for you. All the extreme surgery you've had to go through is finally starting to pay off! Your XL silicone tits and your XS barbie-girl waist give you such a desirable figure. Your cute girlish nose, the fillers and facial implant make you look so feminine. Your pretty long hair completes your look perfectly - I'm so glad I invested so much time feminizing you. You'll never look like a boy ever again - you're the perfect bimbo sissy-model now and I'm going to make a fortune from you. Your first modelling assignment is with a VIP agency in Russia! How amazing for you! So, your first assignment is with an agency in Moscow. They've insisted that you travel alone which is a little unusual but don't worry your little pansy heart - they are sending two of their team to meet you at the airport - I'm sure Vlad and Dmitri will look after you. They're going to take you to an address a little out of town, but they haven't given me all the details. I'm sure it'll all be fine when you get there... I know you don't speak any Russian but if you start to feel vulnerable or scared - just use your femininity - it never fails sissy.Don't be scared sissy, I know you'll make friends easily. I mean who won't want to get to know a girl like you huh? Tall, blonde, big fake tits, a tiny waist and the prettiest bimbo-model looks - everyone will want to be your friend. I'll send you off with the cutest little outfits, the tallest heels and the sexiest lingerie. Just remember to be as submissive as possible. Russian men like their girls to be EXTRA submissive. I know you're going to be very popular over there sissy... you'll love it - you won't even want to come back!