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It's too late now sissy. You're in no position to do a thing about it! You're bait - a victim - a poor sissy victim! You're dressed like a total slut, you're wearing trashy fishnet stockings, fuck-me heels, a PVC micro-skirt and slutty lingerie. You're dressed to be fucked! Your makeup makes you look even more of a whore than a real street-hooker. Bright red gloss lipstick - at least 5 coats thickly applied to your lips, extra-long lashes heavy on your eyes with dark mascara and eyeshadow. You look like a whore and your cheap platinum blonde wig is the icing on the cake. You're feeling docile and submissive too right sissy? You couldn't defend yourself against anything I have planned for you, could you? You're fuck bait sissy! I've fucked you up, dressed you up and now you're going to be passed around a group of horny guys while I video your faggot humiliation. You're in no condition to resist - you can't concentrate, and you don't have the strength to fight what is going to happen to you. You're feminized fuck bait and I've got a whole room full of guys waiting for me to drag you in and leave them to use you. You're gonna be gangfucked, slapped around, face-fucked and humiliated and I'm going to catch every second on camera. When you've recovered I'll enjoy making you watch all the things you were made to do in there. You'll probably never remember because you're so fucked up, but you'll get to see all the degrading things they did to you while you were passed around in your slutty clothes. It's way too late to protest sissy - you're in REAL trouble now!

Added: 07 Oct 2018
Clip Length: 12m 20s