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Turn $1 (And A Sissy) Into $1000 Challenge
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So the CruelGirlfriend team have challenged us to turn $1 (and a sissy) into $1,000 and you're going to be that sissy! We've got 5 days to complete the challenge which sounds tough, but we've got so many ideas to make sure we win! There are lots of ways a sissy like you can be traded for cash and profited from - all of which will be extremely humiliating for you but you're gonna do whatever we tell you to. You want us to win this challenge, right sissy? Good - so we've agreed for you to work a shift as a sissy maid at the agency we work with... the model agency. we have a cute satin maid's uniform for you and a whole bunch of cleaning products. You'll spend the $1 on your bus fare to the agency and you'll spend the whole shift cleaning the offices. You're gonna be surrounded by so many seriously hot models as you wiggle around with your little duster in complete humiliation. All the girls will be making fun of you and teasing you as you carry out your chores. Make sure you do a good job sissy - the agency is paying $50 for your hard day's work. Next, you're going to come to the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse to shoot some sissy humiliation clips with us. You're gonna be dressed up in all kinds of frilly, feminine dresses and cute uniforms and humiliated by all the girls on camera. We're gonna upload your clips everywhere and sell them for $5 each so by the end of the challenge we're sure to have made around $200! We're still so far away from the $1000 target though sissy so I guess we need to think of a way to make some serious money from you. I think we all know what we have in mind for you next huh sissy?
ValentinaMila Amora
06/09/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Turn $1 (And A Sissy) Into $1000 Challenge - #Feminization