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Thank Him Cuckold
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Look up at the real man that's just fucked your hot girlfriend and say, 'Thank You Sir'. Thank him for taking me out on a date tonight - thank him for allowing you to choose the shortest, tightest dress in my wardrobe for me to wear for him. Thank him for allowing you to kneel next to your girlfriend, all locked up in your chastity device, while she touches up her makeup and sprays that expensive perfume you bought her for valentine’s day. Be sincere cuckold, thank him with all your poor broken heart for allowing you to buy me a pretty lingerie set to wear for tonight. You're going to thank him for everything - you're my cuckold and he's my real man. He gets ALL of the respect in this relationship - you get humiliated and rejected. Thank Sir for letting you pay for dinner and for giving you the instructions to prepare the bedroom for our return. I know it's hard cuckold, but thank him for bringing be back home, taking me to our bedroom and fucking me right in front of you. Thank him for allowing you to kneel in the corner whilst he fucks your girlfriend the way you could only dream of doing. Aw - it must suck to be a cuckold, but it really is better this way. Look up at your real man rival and thank him for all the orgasms he gave me. Thank him for ruining the new expensive lingerie set and for filling your hot girlfriend full of his alpha cum. Haha! It's so funny watching you thank him for all of the things you've hated so much - but there's one last thing to thank him for cuckold - one last 'Thank You Sir' more humiliating than anything else...
Daisy Dillon
29/01/2018 - 11 minutes
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