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The Cage Of Frustration
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You think you've suffered in that chastity device? You think the days, weeks and months that I've had your poor cock locked up have been hard? Unable to touch yourself, to jerk off, to even get what any man would consider an erection. Watching me walk around in front of you in tiny little skirts and cute lingerie sets - it's driven you wild hasn't it. You think your frustration couldn't get any worse? It really can loser. Take a look at my cage of frustration. You're going to spend the night in there - tied on your back - naked except for your VICE chastity device. Your wrists and ankles tied to each corner of the cage - your chastity device between your legs keeping that poor tormented cock safely under my control. What makes tonight's say in the cage even more of an ordeal than usual is the additional instrument of chastity frustration I've installed. Hanging from the bars above you is a hitachi wand - gently vibrating on a low setting - it's just enough to feel good when pressed against your locked up cock. The problem you'll find is that with your wrists and ankles out of the way, there's no way of applying any pressure from the wand to your helpless cock. You'll be able to lift your hips and touch it but all you'll do is increase your frustration. You won't be able to cum - you won't be able to achieve a pathetic ruined orgasm in that device no matter how hard you try - and you really will try. The temptation to find a way will be too great and you'll attempt so many times to get yourself off - all will fail. You won't be cumming tonight but you will learn what true suffering really is!
Daisy Dillon
26/03/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - The Cage Of Frustration - #chastity