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The Lowest Of The Low
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Some losers deserve NO Status at all. They are the absolute lowest of the low and are treated with no consideration at all because they're simply property - easily replaceable property. There is only one position at the CruelGirlfriend penthouse suitable for such worthless, irrelevant objects and that is as waste disposal units. We've been doing this for so long now it's become such a simple installation. Your head is placed inside a special mould and set inside a concrete block. The block is then cemented to the underside of our toilet and that, fucktard, is where you live out the rest of your miserable life! You'll eat and drink only whatever we decide to throw down the pan and into your mouth. You'll look up through the oval bowl at the ceiling for hours waiting for a glimpse of one of the Cruel Girlfriends to appear before sealing you in darkness and delivering something for you to take care of! So gross! You're going to long for the weekend Penthouse-Party to arrive so you can have a constant flow of hot, bitchy girls coming into the bathroom and bringing you a never-ending supply of filthy waste for you to deal with. Their boyfriends throwing their used condoms down at you. Their cigarette butts and ash as they chat about which of the guys they want to fuck. EVERYTHING you can imagine that goes down the toilet bowl at a wild party full of young hot girls and their stud boyfriends - is all coming to you loser! That's the life of the lowest of the low at the CruelGirlfriend penthouse.
Princess Aurora
09/06/2017 - 9 minutes
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