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The Popular Girl's Party
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You're going to be so fucking abused tonight loser and all in the name of entertainment. I've got the all the popular girls we used to go to school with coming over this evening and they've said they want to make it even more humiliating for you than last time. They totally love the fact I have a submissive wimp of a boyfriend - I guess it's because all my girlfriends date tough Alpha guys they take every opportunity to take advantage of beta weaklings like you. We've been talking about how we're going to humiliate you tonight and each of the popular girls have their own ideas. Jemma is determined to put you into the most humiliating frilly clothing she can find and is going to make you serve us all night long - forcing you to curtsey after every command. Natalie wants to spit on you - and I really mean spit. She wants to cover your loser face with her saliva. Lexi wants to make you jerk your pathetic little cock in front of us all while we laugh at you and take photos to show their boyfriends. Kelly wants to slap your humiliated face over and over again and then make you bend over for a group gang-fuck with our strap-ons. We've got so many ideas to keep us totally entertained and you infinitely humiliated. My girlfriends can be so cruel - do you really think you can take this much humiliation loser?
Danni King
25/02/2018 - 11 minutes
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